Tours in Lithuania

Here you will find how to get the most from your time in LITHUANIA

  • Whether it be nature, culture, culinary or heritage, please look through and find the tours to satisfy your wish.
  • The Baltic Region is a place to relax and unwind and enjoy a different perspective. If you wish to visit the whole region we advise you to come for at least eight days.
Special interest?Be sure to let us know.


  • Soviet Nuclear Weapon Site

    Unique opportunity to visit Soviet underground launch site in one of the most beautiful places in Zemaitija National Park. Soviet Nuclear Weapon Site was built under great secrecy in 1960. As a complete contrast to this apocalyptic site, you will see the most beautiful sites of the national park: crystal – clear waters of the Plateliai Lake and three spectacular islands

  • Discover Klaipeda on Foot

    A short walk from the pier to the site of Klaipeda Castle, where you will meet local craftsmen who will teach you some of the Lithuanian crafts: weaving, candle making and woodcarving. Take a walk through Klaipeda Old town, famous for half timbered architecture and the rectangular layout of the streets which shielded the town from the winds of the Sea.

  • Beauty & Traditions of Curonian Peninsula

    Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of sand dunes, smell of pine and the honey colored shores of the Baltic Sea. In Curonian Peninsula National Parke known as the Lithuanian Sahara. Then come to the tourist Mecca for nature loving travelers, the settlement of Nida. Admire authentic fishermen cottages, beautiful weathervanes and Lithuanian amber.