Places to visit in Lithuania

Places to visit in Lithuania, Klaipeda

Klaipeda – Sea Port City

Klaipeda is the oldest town in Lithuania beginning in 13th century. It had a colourful history as the town was once part of Prussia, Germany, France, Sweden and Soviets. Now Klaipeda is the cultural and economical capital of the Western Lithuania with around 150,000 people.

Kretinga – Spiritual Town

Kretinga, a little town just 30 minutes drive to the north of Klaipeda, has a special charm. It is known for its Count’s mansion and the winter gardens, Franciscan monastery, and the 16th century church.

Places to visit in Lithuania Kretinga
Curonian Spit National park, fisherman house in Nida

Nida - Top place to visit in Lithuania Seaside

The small town of Nida sits at the southern Lithuanian end of a remarkable geological formation known as the Curonian Spit.
The spit starts at the sea gate of Klaipeda and runs for a 100 km south into the Russian territory of Kaliningrad.

Palanga – the Seaside Resort

Just 25 km to the north of Klaipeda is the seaside resort of Palanga with its long sandy beaches and dunes.
Palanga is known as a popular sea resort due to its mild climate, golden sandy beaches and wooden summer houses. There are many SPA’s nowadays, where everyone can find a perfect retreat.

Plateliai lake, top place to visit in Lithuania

Plateliai – the Nuclear Weapon Site

The Zemaitija National Park situated in the north west of Lithuania is famous for its hills, swampy hollows and crystal-clear lakes.
The lake Plateliai is one of the main attractions in the park. It is also the clearest, cleanest and the deepest lake with seven islands, each having its own legend.

Vente – the Bird Paradise

The Nemunas delta regional park is a maze of straits, islands, floodplains, wetlands and forests on the shore of the Curonian Lagoon.  The area is a real paradise for migratory birds. Vente is top place to visit in Lithuania and even in all Europe for bird lovers!

Vente Bird Ringing station
Vilnius Old Town, top places to visit in Lithuania

Vilnius – the Capital City. Top place to visit in Lithuania!

Vilnius the capital of Lithuania with a population of about 545 000 is currently one of the most visited cities in Eastern Europe. It was founded in the 14th century by Grand Duke Gediminas, who dreamt of an iron wolf that howled with the voices of 100 wolves. It was a sure sign to build a city as mighty as their howl. Vilnius is one of the top places to visit in Lithuania!

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