Attractions in Lithuania

Cycling to the End of Dunes

The terrain on the Spit is mainly flat so cycling is easy. There was no traffic. And the beach was stunning. Fine, powdery sand for miles and miles.
- Aitana, Pullmantur -
3-4 hrs
  • Flex your muscles on the Curonian Spit, A UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Ride along the breakwater to the very narrow Sea Gate and feel the sea breeze of the Baltic
  • Cycle by the 19th century fort - now the Sea and Maritime museum, greet the seals in the canal.
  • Continue through the pine forest towards the beach and find out how the Curonian Spit was saved from extinction.
  • Relax and have a picnic on the wild beach, take a paddle in the Baltic sea.
  • Walk through the 19th century cobbled streets of the Old Town.
  • Find authentic Lithuanian souvenirs to take home in the amber market.
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