Lithuanian attractions

Kretinga – Spiritual Town

Kretinga, a little town just 20 minutes drive to the north of Klaipeda, has a special charm. It is known for its Count’s mansion and the winter gardens, Franciscan monastery, and the 16th century church.

Kretinga’s red brick Church of the Annunciation impresses visitors with its early baroque interior and clear sounds of the organ. The Franciscan monks, living in the monastery alongside, look after the church and hold warm and welcoming services. The church is invariably full when the services are held.

The Kretinga Museum is close to the church. The museum dates back to 1935 and is located in Count Tiskevicius’ 19th century estate. The museum houses a wide collection of the Samogitians’ (people of the local area) household items and pictures of the bygone times. In the restored Count Tiskevicius’ winter garden there is a cosy café, where you can stop and have a cup of coffee or lunch while exploring the wide collection of plants.