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Klaipeda Past & Present

Visit museum dedicated to WWII, explore Old Town of Klaipeda and enjoy panoramic drive through Klaipeda.

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Explore history of Klaipeda city: the foundation of castle in 13th century, times when Klaipeda was the capital of Prussia, WWII occupation and finally Lithuanian independence in 1991.

Drive to the site of Klaipeda Castle, built in 1252. Visit former explosives depot, which now houses museum 39/45. Museum is dedicated to Klaipeda and chronicles the history of the city before, during and after WWII. Museum holds unique exhibits such as the documents demanding that Klaipeda region must be handed over to Germany.

As a complete contrast visit the Klaipeda Old town. Stop in Old Town’s authentic courtyards, where once was the old Postal road connecting Berlin to St. Petersburg.  Klaipeda Old Town is a cozy place where distances are short, but the 19th century cobble stones cover parts of the streets.

Enjoy panoramic drive around the city. See Germanic part of Klaipeda, famous red-brick architecture, half-timbered buildings and the place of refuge of Queen Louise in 1807. Continue your drive towards the south of the city. See some of the typical residential areas built in Soviet times and 19 century factories. Get to know about our lives during the Soviet era and now.

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