Every spring and sometimes in winter floods on the delta cover vast areas of grassland and fields.  Some isolated farmsteads can be reached only by boat.  In 1993 the delta region was included into the list of internationally important wetland areas.
The Nemunas delta region lies at the heart of one of Europe’s busiest bird migration routes.  During the migration season millions of birds fly over the delta and it is home to many in the summer.
The Nemunas delta region is a magnet for professional ornithologists looking for rare species of birds, such as the white-tailed eagle, great snipe, aquatic warbler and the corncrake. It is equally popular with nature lovers, who appreciate peace and tranquillity and the chance to see a wide variety of birds and animals in their natural and unspoiled habitat.
Vente Bird Ringing Station is on one of the major north-south bird migration routes.  Here, at the Vente Bird Ringing station, you can meet the local ornithologist Vytautas. He will guide you around the station and the museum.  
At the nearby island of Rusne, stand on the bank of the river in Lithuania and see the Russian oblast of Kaliningrad (Russia) just 100 metres across the river.
There is also the Botanic Reserve of Kintai. Here, walk along the nature trail though the bogs and marshes which is home to beavers, roe deer and wild boar.
Visit the remote village of Lankupiai and stand on the hanging bridge, where you can almost feel the silence.

Vente Bird Ringing station

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